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Biodiesel Feedstock

Biodiesel can be made from more than 300 types of edible and non-edible vegetable oils; most of these feedstocks have a high productivity of biodiesel due to the high concentration of triglycerides. Production of biodiesel from renewable resources is done through the transesterification reaction at which the organic group (alkyl) of alcohol is substituted with the organic group of a triglyceride - the main component of the feedstock - producing fatty acid alkyl ester (biodiesel) and crude glycerol.

Different feedstocks produce biodiesel with distinct qualities that must be considered when blending biodiesel with petroleum diesel for use in transportation.

Our precise energy calculations of different feedstock like Tallow, UCO, Vegetable Oils, Fatty Acids, POME, PFAD, among others, allow companies to comfortably avoid taxes and fines associated with renewable energy compositions.

Biodiesel Feedstock: Product
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