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Carbon Reduction

The EU ETS is a key mechanism to reduce carbon emissions and relies on cap-and-trade principle.

A maximum amount of greenhouse gas emissions that can be emitted into the atmosphere, the "cap", is established. Then companies must buy emission credits at auction: one credit is worth one tonne of greenhouse gas, and by buying it, the company buys permission to emit that amount into the atmosphere.

It is then possible to "trade" the emission credits by buying and selling them. The ultimate goal of the system is to limit the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The total emissions "cap" is decreased each year.

In addition, offsetting by investing in meaningful project is an effective way to compensate unavoidable emissions and create sustainable development benefits for communities around the worlds. Cutting emissions under the voluntary emission scheme will guarantee the quality of your reductions and ensure that they are generated as credible, tradable and recognisable greenhouse gas credits.

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